Group travel is one of the best ways to explore a destination while focusing on a group's interest & faith. When traveling with a group, people get a deeper understanding of the roots of faith and heritage while experiencing a spiritual adventure as a congregation, preferably led by a spiritual leader.

Tour Leaders travel for free when leading a group of 15 or more people. We believe that tour Leaders should be worry-free from all logistical planning and technicalities, thus being able to focus on the spiritual experience and let us take care of all the rest. Groups need a good operator/coordinator to provide a quality tour based on trust, honesty and reputable customer service. GO ISRAEL NA has all the factors required to make group travel a success PLUS the ultimate personal attention to each and every detail from start to finish.

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It is all about what YOU want to see. We will customize your tour according to your "wish list" and budget.
Our Private Tour specialists will work with you on a program of your choosing, including all sites, cities, and activities you would like to experience in Israel!  Your private tour will be personalized and custom-made to fit your interests and expectations. Travel at your own pace, and create an original journey with the help of our knowledgeable and helpful experts. One of our excellent private tour guides will take you on a trip that you will never forget.


Be your own tour guide! For the experienced Israel traveler, we offer the option of accommodating your needs while allowing you to create your own trip without the assistance of a guide. We will take care of your flights, car rental, hotels, and site entrance fees of your choosing, plus anything else you may require during your stay. We will also provide you with a variety of ideas to maximize your experience at your destination. We do not charge any consulting fees- we simply want you to enjoy!

WE will ensure a seamless and convenient experience; YOU can travel at your own pace and enjoy exploring the country & everything it has to offer.